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About Us

GlassCo Australia Pty Ltd,

situated in Melbourne, Victoria is a renowned supplier of glass and value-added glass products for over two decades. The company imports, wholesales and manufactures glass products applying advanced manufacturing practices.
Over the years, the company acquired state-of-the-art plant and equipment in keeping up with the industry demands.
GlassCo employs high precision and advanced machines such as automatic float cutting line, vertical and horizontal CNC Machining Centres, water-jet cutting machine, vertical glass washing machine, toughening plant and LISEC IGU production line.

Our Vision and Values

We at GlassCo Australia strive towards creating our business strategies, behaviour and relationships with stake holders, partners, suppliers, clients and communities leading to the use of glass products in most innovative, efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective yet luxuriously elegant manner.
We seek to achieve our vision by employing the best practices in business with integrity, humility and trust, treating individuals, communities and authorities with respect. 


We value and nurture all our relationships, with employees, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. We treat others as we wish to be treated and insist on courtesy and respect at all times. Everyone has the right to be heard in a fair and reasonable manner, where people feel they can influence the outcome.


While we are a team an individual has the opportunity to personally grow. We nurture talent and design a career path for those who wish to develop. We are renowned for rewarding effort, supporting initiatives and providing new skills.


To be at the leading edge of glass technologies, we know we need to strive to improve. To gain a greater share of the market, we also need to consistently add value.


Together with our team of dedicated highly skilled people at GlassCo Australia, customers & suppliers we are taking our successful business from strength to strength.

Environmental Policy

GlassCo Australia is committed to developing and maintaining appropriate environmental procedures that will ensure the prevention of pollution, protection of the environment and sustainable resource use for the benefit of our employees, our clients and the general community.

To achieve this, GlassCo Australia will:
Comply with all applicable legislative and other requirements for environmental management as well as requirements of ISO14001 standard.
Identify any activities that might have an impact on the environment
Implement appropriate control measures that will minimise any adverse effects to the environment
Set meaningful environmental objectives and measure the performance of our Environmental Management System with a view to foster continuous improvement;
Use environmentally-friendly products, and sustainable resource use by “reducing - recycling – reusing”, wherever possible;

Provide its employees with appropriate information, instruction and training to ensure that they are aware of any potential issues in the workplace that may adversely affect the environmentContinuously improve our management system and activities to optimally manage our environmental impact.

All GlassCo Australia personnel are required to ensure daily operations meet the required environmental standards and that works activities are performed in such a way that any impact to the environment is limited by practical means.
Thank you for taking the time to explore our business and now we invite you to experience firsthand our outstanding value proposition.

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